Vision & Values

To be recognised as the leading international company worldwide in the micro slitting and winding machines for metallic yarns and polyester films, through our excellent performance, people and commitment to our core values.


Get it right the first time


Maintain efficiency and discipline in all our processes and systems to fulfil promises made to the stakeholders


Endeavour to bring new products to the market and consistently deliver


Be transparent in dealings


Implement new ideas and technology to meet unmet needs and think ahead of time


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Our expertise lies in producing products and markets from the concept of fruitation. Our constant focus on innovation has helped us emerge as a trendsetter in our market and be known worldwide for our unbeatable machines. Our operations spam from manufacturing to the assembly of our machines.

Puran Machines Micro Slitter

Puran Machines Winder


See what our partners have to say about us

We had taken 10 machines from SD Puran Machines, it has been almost 14 years and we are very happy with the quality of the machines they gave us, even on the service end we are very satisfied. The dealing is very easy and they provide all the solutions to our problems. If you’re in the metallic yarn industry, Puran Machines are the best assets one must posses.

Pragnesh Jariwala

Surat Metlon

Anyone can sell you a machine. It I’ve never seen a company so committed to make sure it’s running properly. They really go above and beyond.

Suresh Patel

Sagar Metlon